Hello all, this is the 2nd part of our series, the series includes-

  1. Feature Engineering, Modelling and Deployment

In the previous blog, we saw detailed analysis of the data. Now, it’s time to start some feature engineering and building models.

Table of Content-

  1. Baseline Model
  2. Feature Engineering
  3. Modelling

Table of Content-

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Real world objective/constraint
  3. Data source and overview
  4. Performance Metrics
  5. Existing Solution
  6. First cut Approach
  7. Exploratory Data Analysis
  8. Preprocessing and Feature Engineering
  9. Modelling
  10. Deployment
  11. Future Work
  12. Reference

Let’s get started

1. Problem Statement-

Hearing a species in a tropical rainforest is much more easier than seeing them and that is what we…

Hello readers, from the title you must have gotten the idea of what this blog is all about. We will be creating an end to end case study. This is my first time writing a blog, hope you all like it. …

Tushar Aggarwal

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